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100 hours of prayers for each of the nations we serve at the Alexandria Library

What is PRAY100?

It is a prayer chain for the people from Muslim-majority nations. We pray for those in our local neighbourhoods, as well as those in these nations and their governments. We aim to gather at least 100 hours of prayers for each of these nations!

Who are the people groups?

Iranians,  Iraqis,  Kurds,  Saudis,  Somalis,  Pakistanis


(* More groups will be added regularly) 

How does it work?

  • Come as an individual or in a group (5 people max.) to the Alexandria Library Prayer Room (2nd floor) 

  • Choose one people group and pray for at least 30 minutes

  • You may interact with the displays in the prayer room, or post your prayers in the spaces provided. Be creative!

  • Record your hours by using the form below

  • Share with your friends and churches and invite them to come!


Available times: Monday - Saturday 12 - 8 pm 
(On Mon, Wed, Sat you may extend to 9pm as the building is in use)



  • If you don't want to be locked in overnight, let someone else in the shop or office know you're in the prayer room!!! (of course you can pray overnight too!)

  • Please turn off the decorative lights after you.

Thank you for being a part of this!  For questions or ideas, use the contact form below.

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