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We are an independent charity bookshop celebrating the cultural richness of the famous 'Curry Mile' of south Manchester and its unique diversity of people and communities.

The shop is named after the ancient Alexandria Library in Egypt built in the 3rd century BC, one of the most significant cultural and learning centres of the ancient world. We see the Curry Mile as a modern vibrant crossroads between Asian, European, African heritage and cultures.

We offer materials in languages of the Levant, Arabia, central and south Asia, and books on culture and history of this region of the world. We are proud to be the sole retailer of Books Asia, UK's biggest supplier of books in Arabic and Asian languages.  

We also have Bibles in different languages, books about God, Jesus, prayer, stories of the prophets, as well as tools that help us learn about the Word of God in celebration of the Christian heritage of this region both in ancient times and today. We celebrate God's love through studying His Word together.

We host a variety of communities who meet up at the shop. Join us for free English classes or English conversation cafe! We have a group of English teachers and volunteers to help those who like to practise their English.

We feature an art exhibition space for artists whose works reflect the unique experiences and narratives of the diverse people groups of Rusholme, Manchester.

So why not drop us a visit and chat with us?

We are open Monday to Saturday 12-8pm.

Our work often involves offering practical help to refugees, asylum seekers and newly arrived international students. Would you like to support our work? 

Registered charity number: 1154327

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